A group of people stood in the middle of the road to take pictures and when they were taking pictures, suddenly a tractor-trailer rushed over, partly because the

road was slippery so this vehicle could not stop immediately but ran a part of the road.

Those present were extremely confused and worried not knowing what to do but stay away for safety. Tractor truck is a type of vehicle transporting goods, carrying bulky and heavy objects on container semi-trailers…

With a trailer consisting of 2 to 4 wheels extending or more depending on the needs of customers. used goods. This car also has a very heavy weight, so it has a very long length that takes up a lot of space, when this car rolls, we have to be far from the car because the bigger the car, the bigger it is danger .

Some netizens expressed that standing in the middle of the road when this car was turning was the fault of the other group of young people. Some netizens commented:

“That’s right, there’s an old timer truck driver and can come up with two fake words lol 😂”

“There are two things you don’t understand about me. Marines and Cattle Truck drivers.”

“Well, things didn’t turn out the way they expected. But standing in front of a large moving truck is not going to change that. It will only get you killed.”