In the clip above, we see a female police officer appearing in an emergency, seeing a white car parked illegally, she runs to the car.
his and ask for the relevant documents . He refused to open the door but sat in the car, opened the window and gave her the ticket, Ms
That cop hates when he tries to preserve his rights. The police can check our papers at any time and you have to follow

According to the law, when checking, you must get off the car to avoid the case that you carry drugs, opium, arrest children, the police cannot see it. Onion
This video of yours is wrong and illegal. With a lot of attitude when meeting the police and thinking they are tough and the police can’t do much
again . When the police blew the siren to stop, the two sides got off the car and greeted each other. Second, the traffic police have a duty to report errors, not always.

When the police blow the horn to stop, it is your fault, when they stop, they will ask you to show your vehicle documents and they have the right to check your car to receive information. believe. If you are not at fault, please leave, if there is an error, you must stay and make a report to submit to the police.