A recently posted video attracted a lot of interest and sharing when a baby called the police for help with a difficult problem.
When he had a difficult problem, his mother said he could call 911 for help. The conversation between the elementary school boy and the policeman was interesting.

Maybe the cop was a nice guy and he was patient to be able to help the kid with that problem. He spent his time helping out when it wasn’t his specialty.
He wanted to find out, why his mother didn’t help him, he offered to do business, the police were really cool with that boy.

So sweet, hey, it’s an emergency for her! Good job The facilitator took the time to try to help a child solve his or her problem.He’s not an asshole who screams or talks to a kid just because he’s on the phone. He was trying to help.

This conversation caused a lot of controversy just because a math problem hindered the work of the police and blamed the mother when she could only tell her child min hf that 911 needed to be called.
“I hope she’s not so crazy that I’ll find this lovely from the end.”
“Hahaha at least the cop is good enough to come with him and start trying to help lol I bet Mom’s in a hurry to call before she’s cut off”
“Well when she asked me for help, I said, call someone else, so she did, so she did something that she was told lol”