Fuck calling the police for a kid playing ding dong ditch so had the police call us for playing in the 90’s. That’s the problem why today’s parents can’t raise kids that they are never suspected. Imagine calling the police because all kids make pranks. Talk to their parents a d say rh to keep their kids away. Don’t waste police time anymore.

Years ago it was harmless. Now, people have g*ns, dogs or just mean people. Elderly people can’t handle this game either. They have a hard time or can’t keep getting up to respond. That little voice broke my heart. Who would do that to children? One deserves karma to visit them. Can talk to parents but choose Karen route. Some games shouldn’t be played..

They’re lucky they don’t get caught.. people live alone, have weapons, scared you don’t know so why play with other people! if your instinct is to shoot someone to ring your doorbell then you have a bigger problem than a ding dong ditch. I never let the police call me for it but I did have a guy chasing me aside from boxers in the middle of the night. If my neighbors call the police, I certainly won’t Egg them, TP them, mess around on their porch, unpack a mailbox,… None of that.

Presumably, the neighbors asked the kids to stop and keep doing it. Bet the cop at the door got the parents’ attention… just saying, we weren’t there. The police said nothing about the ding dong ditch. She said she was “back there”. If someone is in the backyard they are probably stealing or robbing.