The video is a very cute and happy conversation between a girl and a chef in a restaurant, seeing her sad he wants to make her happy by playing the role of

a fairy and asking her what her name is.

She happily answered Timber, then he asked if she was still single? Her answer is correct. He asked when you broke up and she said a few days ago.

When he says “knock up” she immediately tells someone, then he says it’s not your boyfriend and her action is to point at him like she doesn’t like the thing this .

This action was met with two controversial opinions, some people said that she was angry when he mentioned her ex-boyfriend and that was a sign that she did

not like it.

Some consider it somewhat wrong and disrespectful to others. The video has received many controversial comments from netizens about this, many of which share

their views on her actions.

Although posted not long ago, the video has received a lot of comments from netizens and what is more surprising is that viewers are arguing about this.