The video below captures an image of a clip being played back in the computer, a scene of chaos and scuffle going on. This can be considered a protest; people from the outside tried to break the door and throw stones in. The inside is worth the outside gate; use the box to die; the atmosphere is really Very chaotic and brutal.

Viewers are perplexed and do not understand what is happening, why people are protesting, and such harsh attitudes. Protests no longer exist. Too foreign to us, there are demonstrations for justice to reclaim justice for the people when the government acts wrongly and has not satisfied forever. People’s hearts always want to dissolve and clash.

A protest expresses thoughts, actions, and disagreements concerning regulations related to the interests of organizations or individuals. , or gathering groups of people who support political purposes or other causes. It usually includes walking to mass parades and begins with a meetup at a designated or undesignated location.

Actions such as blockading the streets and sitting still can also be called protests. Protests can be nonviolent or violent or may begin as nonviolent and become violent depending on the circumstances of the demonstration. Sometimes riot police or other forms of law enforcement Other laws also joined the protests. In some cases, this may be an attempt to prevent resistance from happening or not happening. In the cases Otherwise, it may be to avoid conflict between rival groups or to prevent a demonstration from spreading and turning into a riot.