The video below captures the chaotic scene between the people and the police. They gathered on the very crowded street. Viewers were perplexed and worried because they saw it. The scene was chaotic. The police even had guns, and there was a force coming. If you look closely, there seems to be an injured person lying on the road.

The police and The people scuffled and yelled at many people, thinking this was a protest by the people and the police were coming to work with them. The video was quickly received. has received widespread attention from netizens, and they have raised many questions about this situation, why are people and police gathered so much, and why Some people were injured… how many questions were asked but no answers.

Today, although we live in peacetime, many protests and riots still exist. Righteous demonstrations to reclaim the justice and rights of the people they deserve and condemn the legal government’s wrongs. Besides, some elements of hostile protests still disrupt and affect life.

Actions such as blocking the street and sitting still can also be riots. Objections may be nonviolent or violent or begin as nonviolent and become violent, depending on the circumstances. Demonstrate. Sometimes riot police or other forms of law enforcement also participate in demonstrations. In some cases, this could prevent resistance from happening or not happening. In other cases, it may be to avoid conflict between rival groups or to prevent a The protest spread and turned into a riot.