A few days ago, a video of the unexpected challenge went viral online. The challenge of snatching a 20kg gold bar in a glass cage makes many tourists helpless.

Specifically, a duty-free shop at the airport has devised a trick to attract the attention of tourists: Put a real gold bar weighing 20kg into the glass cage, players will have to put their hands through the hole, take out the metal bar .

Expensive withdrawal within specified time. The winner will receive a small amount of gold instead of taking home a whole 20kg bar. In the video, many men from young to old try to participate but all fail because the gold bar is too heavy.

Despite being helpless, viewers got a lot of laughs. Within the allotted time, the player sticks his hand through the small hole in the glass to lift the gold bar.

Whoever gets the gold block through the small hole wins. The reward for the consecutive winner is a gold bar, but much smaller in weight than the one that appeared in the challenge.

Previously, Japan also hosted this game, but the gold bar weighed only 12.5kg and had a winner. And one man did, he tried to move the gold bar continuously to get out as quickly as possible.

There were only a few short seconds left, but the guy calmly took out a gold bar with a small round hole that made everyone admire and this is a worthy reward for anyone who gets it.

It can be seen that many people are excited to participate, but to lift the gold bar through the small hole and pull it out is not easy. The “hard” challenge brings exciting moments of relaxation for players at the airport. The guy in the video makes viewers admire the valuable reward.