The male friend in the video drew a male friend that I saw when I was looking for a friend to draw with, if I can understand this guy’s thoughts and draw, that’s

divine telepathy.

He did not hesitate any longer and guessed that this friend would draw a picture of the house, but he did not stop there, he would draw a smiley face, two

people drawing together and especially drawing from the very first stroke to the last person.

All of them draw like this friend, surprising netizens. They will first draw a picture of a house, then draw a picture from the first house to the second house, the

two doors of the house representing the eyes.

The nose and mouth are the next detail and the final circle around the top of the face. Not to mention whether drawing is good or bad, but even though he

didn’t know each other, he was able to draw identically to every line, making viewers extremely surprised by that.

The posted video received a lot of comments when seeing the two drawing completely the same even though no one told anyone how to draw, which also

surprised netizens about these two boys.