A video that was recently published has attracted a lot of interest and sharing about the actions of a cat and this is the behavior of a new dog.In the video, a gray cat with very distinctive fringes sits on the oo and when it does that act she gets back to that moment in time.

His naïve face as he blinked his lips repeatedly then staggered back and rolled his eyes out like a dog .The cat’s eyes will dilate when they’re stressed, her eyes are normal, she’s just hot because she can walk.
Maybe this cat has been raised by her since childhood, so she learns to imitate it. These cat actions show that when animals live together for a while deaif they will imitate each other’s habits and ways of life.

Maybe that cat is considered a version of the dog on a not-so-distant day and it’s the same rare case that pets are kept.After he got home, he had a long pair of ropes from his mouth strutting around the house like a dog stealing things , his actions were really very similar to those of a normal working dog.The next action he did when he was asleep was to lie down and look up at his lovely feet.

Pants are often a sign of stress or heat, and often an autonomous behavior. Although if a small animal is raised with adults of other species, it can mimic their behavior.” We have a dog that groomes itself like a cat, who likes to lie on his back.”
“Cats, when they’re worried, have nothing to do with being raised around dogs.”
“Excavation is not an act of learning… It’s an autonomous response to stress.”