The video posted an image of a cat being cared for at a veterinary shop, with three employees taking turns holding it as if doing something and needing to react.
Secure the cat quickly. An employee held the cat’s back and began to use something to put it on the back of the honey cat, after which the cat panicked and struggled up.

The three staff members quickly backed away from the cat, but one seemed to be holding a needle to inject it, causing it to hurt and react so strongly. The cat seemed in great pain and kept turning to look at his back, trying to comfort him but couldn’t; he yelled and turned all around. The staff backed away and could only watch and wait for his pain and anger to subside. After a while, a staff member offered a box of pate to reassure the cat, and it gradually approached and ate them.

The video, after being posted, was interested in the pet-loving online community, and they expressed concern that the cat was having a problem, why it had to be injected, and what injected it to make it so painful and panicky. Indeed those who own pets know they love them like their family members and consider them family members.
Family members, sometimes even taking better care of themselves than themselves.

Some netizens shared:
“I got my dog microchip and had her outlets simultaneously. She didn’t act like it didn’t hurt him; it’s so tiny they don’t even
don’t feel it.”
“Oh, poor cat, I love cats; I want that cat. My cat is a Green Russian, and she hates vets; she does that every time.
we go”
“It’s an injection. That’s why they’re holding the back of the cat’s neck, so the body is frozen, and they’re also rubbing the cat’s neck to keep it relaxed; it must have felt stiff.
and didn’t like it.”