The clip shows an angry stray cat. Perhaps the cat’s owner is testing the cat’s anger and teaching the cat. But not
Fortunately, its stamina is very strong, so it is angry with its owner. And I’ll show you how to overcome the challenge of being angry with your cat: Th
In order for the cat’s mood to become better, you should hug and pet the cat. Most cats love to be scratched behind the cat’s ears, the base of the cat’s tail, the head, back, sides mustache.

Second, choose an appropriate time to apologize to the cat, If your cat is still angry you have to wait a while before approaching.
and sorry, reaching out too early could get you scratched by a cat. However, you should not take too long to apologize, but approach the cat as soon as it draws
wake up. If your cat is constantly running away, consider a favorite bite of your cat’s food where he can find it, here’s what you need to know.
know the mistake and still love it. You need to be careful while approaching the scared cat. Always leave room for the cat to run when it is scared. The cat is in need right now comfort and peace of mind, especially when there is a sudden loud noise.

However, it is also possible that he wants to be left alone, so leaving the way for the cat. Running is essential. A cat that is panicking and cornered can suddenly become aggressive. Third, identify what hurt the cat, you did . What makes your cat so angry? Are you teasing it? Step on its tail? Or do you take its place on the sofa? Knowing I did something wrong .What can help you decide how to approach your cat and how to apologize to it. Here are some examples of situations where you have hurt your cat and actions you can take to show you’re wrong:

If you’ve teased your cat, perhaps you should reward it with a treat and praise it. If you come in
If you love to step on a cat’s tail or startle it by dropping a pot, perhaps a simple stroking gesture will suffice. If you take the cat’s favorite place on
sofa, get out of there and give your cat something she likes.
My suggestions hope you will quickly calm the cat from anger