Delaying a fire truck even for seconds can result in someone’s live. Every second matters. It’s also a class 2 misdemeanor. Most states will fine you $250-500 and put points on your licenses which raises your insurance. People who already have points, this offense can cause your licenses to be suspended.

Firemen and police officers in the ambulance have the hardest jobs back in the days growing up when I see somebody coming like that with a sirens on lights all blurring we pull over you know why cause we respect
they only have a certain minute time limit to get to the destination to take care of you I will need to be taken care of so do me a favor
Are you new individuals to have no respect pull over respect the law and they will respect you

It doesn’t matter what the car on the right is doing. The idiot with the dashcam has crossed the double yellow line. The worst timing ever. Dashcam car is at fault.
And now you can see what that painted yellow area is for. It’s for a larger vehicle to swing wide when turning, like the firetruck, or a semi. It is not an extension of your left turn lane

Dash cam guy should had just backed up instead of getting into a pissing match. And also the fire truck should have pushed the car out of the way
In most states if someone dies in a house fire due to fireman not able to get to the scene due to this exact thing the person blocking the firetruck will be held on charges of even murder
Many also commented:
“The guy that has a dash cam should be charged with multiple tickets and it should have his license suspended for a year for his stupidity not getting out of the way of an emergency vehicle don’t care about the vehicle next to him the car next to him is only concerned about the emergency vehicle”

Others also argue that:
“The dash cam guy is clearly impeding an emergency vehicle. Should lose his license and pay a fine. Dash cam guy clearly puts himself in a position to create a context so his video would go viral.
The Engineer of the fire engine also deserves to lose his license. I expect Firefighters to be calm collected and professional regardless of the circumstances and this one clearly doesn’t fit the criteria.”
“A minute of inconvenience for backing up is worth saving someone’s life. You could have easily been the reason someone lost their life. Get out of the way so they can do their job, every second counts.”