The video below captures the image of traffic on the road, very busy and with heavy rain. Suddenly there was a car, the owner of the car short fell out of the car, and the vehicle caught. The girl lost control of the car and ran away. The girl panicked and followed, and luckily, there was a policeman behind the vehicle who stopped.

He quickly ran over and jumped in. In the car to apply the brake and fortunately completed the task; when the vehicle was stopped, both he and the girl were walking on the road right. Even the netizens watching can breathe a sigh of relief. The guy is likened to a superhero who rescues the girl and everyone in this urgent and dangerous situation.

The video makes it hard to understand why the girl can fall off her car while driving it like that or she can’t control it. I got the car, so I jumped out of it and realized how serious it was. Indeed, this is a very fortunate and miraculous thing, but life is not always. It’s also beautiful. So when participating in traffic, people should pay more attention and be more careful to avoid unfortunate events.