The video below captures a video of a traffic scene on the road. A car is recording a set of other vehicles passing the other cars. It looks like he’s in a hurry to go somewhere. The short video ended in disappointment, so many people could not imagine the problem, and the meaningful message of the video brought.

Many people are annoyed when that car goes so fast over other vehicles because it’s hazardous, and speeding can easily cause traffic accidents; it’s hard to
handle unexpected situations. Others think that the owner of that car driving like that is very normal and there is nothing too fast here; they find it difficult.
Suffer when they must follow slow cars because their work can be delayed and, when necessary, really hindered.

Traffic accidents now happen a lot and increase every day, and the main reason is each person’s consciousness when participating in traffic to ensure your overall safety.
And society, we should obey traffic laws well to build a civilized society and reduce risks when participating in traffic.

Some netizens shared:
“Doesn’t look like he’s driving recklessly to me. It seems like hes being pretty precise. At least more aware than the people in the fast lane doing grandma s***.”
“I love people posting their driving Ls and imagining they’re the story’s hero.”
“Watch till the end for what? Nothing happened. I’m more upset about the idiots in the left lane driving slow, holding up traffic.”