A recent video captures the traffic on the road, precisely, a car running on the road when suddenly a car behind rushed forward and hit it. The rear of the car caused it to collide and rotate around on the road and then close to the road railing. The scene in front of the viewer makes the viewer feel a pang.

I don’t know if the driver of that car was affected or not, and fortunately, it didn’t collide with another vehicle, the consequences I did not dare to think about. Many people expressed frustration before.

The action of the vehicle behind affects others and can even cause damage to other people’s lives. Traffic accidents are increasing a lot; it happens every day, every hour in every part of the world and leaves dire consequences. The leading cause of those accidents is mainly due to each person’s consciousness. When participating in traffic.

They do not comply with traffic laws, overtake carelessly, use vehicles when they are underage, or when using alcohol, causes them to
increase accidents, leaving heavy material consequences and even taking many people’s lives.
For traffic accidents to no longer happen, we need to be aware of strictly obeying traffic laws to protect ourselves and our neighbors.
Others. To build a developed and better society.