It was the moment Andrew Engstrom had been waiting for all his life – taking his vows with the woman he loved Melissa Warren. But perhaps Andrew didn’t anticipate the situation where Melissa was laughing so much that she couldn’t speak.
Andrew and Melissa may have been rehearsing and preparing for the big day of their lives for months on end. But when he read the vows, the groom seemed confused and confused, making the bride unable to hold back her laughter.

The video shows their wedding taking place at the church in the presence of many guests. The presiding bishop of the wedding asked Andrew to put on the bride’s wedding ring and repeat as he said.

However, things didn’t go as planned when the bishop asked Andrew to repeat the phrase “my legally engaged wife”. Instead of saying the word lawfully (legally), Andrew instead said it as “waffle-y”, causing Melissa to laugh. Not only that, Andrew also added the word “pancake-y” (cake), making the bride even more funny. Many of the guests who witnessed the wedding also laughed.

It is not clear where the wedding took place but is believed to be a church in the US. The two-and-a-half-minute video was uploaded to the YouTube photo-sharing site on September 2, proving that the wedding may not take long. The video immediately became a “hot” clip on Youtube with more than 25,000 hits in just 3 days.
The video ends with the words: “And then begins a happy marriage…”.

Many viewers have commented on this video. One person wrote: “Great, I laughed with them too.” Another blogger wrote: “It’s a way to overcome the nervousness of the wedding day.”

Two months ago, a funny video about the wedding was also uploaded online. An American groom couldn’t control his “laughter” when the best man’s pants suddenly fell while the bishop was doing the wedding ceremony.

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