The video describes a scene where a match has ended, and the boy who won is in the stands. As usual, the guy would come out on stage to receive the award and take pictures with the female model, but the guy appeared to be avoiding and wanted to leave this place and rather avoid contact with the girl.

That makes everyone curious because of the strange behavior of the guy and raises many questionable questions. Why is the guy acting so weird? Why does the guy avoid such a fierce girl? The young man should have been happy and excited to receive the award and be friendly with everyone.
Someone said that before, he was very friendly and somewhat touched the girl, so he was criticized and attacked by the online community, so he felt scared after that incident.And more cautious but overreacted so that everyone could not stop being surprised. That attack must have caused him to be attacked too much to show such an attitude

. In the end, the guy also accepted to receive the award on stage but kept his distance from the girl. Many people comforted him and advised him not to pay attention to such negative things.

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For context, during an earlier fight, he touched her while they were around and got a bunch of reactions from it.
It’s not from the ring girl; it’s a reaction from people online. I can’t say I blame him for avoiding her again.