Photo hunters or paparazzi are the plural of the word paparazzo, which refers to professional photographers, who hunt pictures of famous people (singers, actors…), often in secret. (without permission, without consent) when they are having public or private activities.The news agencies often use this word in a broader sense to describe photographers who take Famous people.

This video was strongly spread on social media with various arguments about the attitude of these spiders when they found out there were photo hunters. With expressions and attitudes the difference of the 3 guys caused a strong controversy for the online community.
Andrew’s spider, when he saw the camera, he looked very normal and didn’t notice the hunters, he kept doing his job as usual. And the Tom guy, he
happy to see the camera and also posing to get good photos. Contrary to the attitude of the previous two, Tobey, he looked annoyed and angry when he saw
camera, maybe he needs privacy here.

The artist’s private life is always something that people care about and welcome, this is also a reason for photo hunters to always lurk and glare, wanting to know a lot of information as fast as you can.

The controversy happened as soon as the video was posted, many people compared the attitude of these guys to each other, they thought that being a celebrity should always be friendly and have fun with people wherever they are and what they do, but besides that, there are many opinions that artists outside of the hours before the lens are just normal people and they also want to live and function in the most comfortable way, so being watched like that makes them feel very tired and uncomfortable. Of course, instead of blaming them, understand and sympathize with them.