The video below captures images of military life and footage of a male soldier’s daily life when he wakes up with his small path. After military training, everyone must have become muscular and bulky, but everyone’s attention was on these soldiers’ super cute little beds; they designed bunk beds that fit the body size so they couldn’t move but lie still.

And title The video itself is the video’s highlight when the employer says that the free accommodation is in the army but should have mentioned what the total will be like. Many say this is just a funny video staged to bring laughter and entertainment to netizens, but the military residence is not that narrow.

The military is an organized group of armed people trained by the state for offensive or defensive warfare. This is the nest of a concentrated, permanent, professional armed organization built by a state or a political movement to gain power and liberate the country. , defend the territory, area, or fatherland by armed struggle (war, civil war, skirmish…) or wage war, armed effort to do so—political purposes of the state or of that political movement.