The video below captures a happy guy who receives an envelope with the title “18 years old after Russia invaded Ukraine” after opening it. When he received the letter, he was extremely alarmed when he received an invitation to join the US army.

The ending video caused a lot of controversies; some people said that. “Disable and End are two different things. The draft is still there; it still needs to be activated. And it probably won’t be activated. But it’s still there. When you sign up for a selective service, you’re signing up for a draft. And you don’t have to agree, don’t care; it’s just a fact. Have a lot of truth that many of you don’t seem to recognize. And that’s okay; it doesn’t mean they’re not true.

” Others said, “People find understand the US military draft ended on January 23, 1973, now the US can bring the draft, yes but can you see the US is drafting
Is this a safe time” besides, someone said, “This is the funniest thing because first out, we didn’t directly get involved in that Conflict at all?

We didn’t draft. Haven’t we been drafted since the Vietnam War? They don’t have to draft anymore. They do stop loss. If you were old enough to know what that
was, you wouldn’t have done this video also would like to point out that Ukraine beat back Russia, LMFAO”. And attracted a lot of attention.