The video is posted about a traffic situation on the road; a young man riding a motorbike is moving, and in front of him is a red light. He runs on the lane.

Separate for cars to go and stop when the red light comes to ensure the safety of everyone in traffic. There will be nothing to talk about when he goes and stops in a lane that is not meant for his car.

I made the cars behind me uncomfortable, and they tried to curse this young man. After the video was posted, everyone was angry at the attitude.
This young man’s attitude and thought were the guy’s intentional action when others showed an attitude of not knowing how to admit their fault, but also a carefree attitude. The online community thinks the guy should re-learn the law before going out to protect himself and avoid affecting others.

Today, traffic accidents happen daily, every hour, and sometimes even leave many unfortunate consequences, so everyone on the road should be self-aware.
Well, they implement traffic safety laws for themselves and the community.

Some comments from the online community such as:

” I would love to see the lane dividers get there on time, with their car torn in half.”
“In my country, it’s legal, so it’s hard to see why people can be so dramatic about it, but ok guess Karens were disqualified”
“They do this so as not to endanger themselves by letting someone not run into their rear.”