Maybe many people don’t believe in love at first sight, but the truth is that there are moments when you first see someone, you want to be close, attached,
You can learn more about them. And as the relationship progresses, the initial feelings naturally have a chance to develop into love.

A recent video was posted about people riding an escalator, followed by a guy going down and accidentally turning ar; he; he was dumbfounded, unable to
look away from the girl behind him because of her beauty.

He seemed to have been attracted to that beauty and kept looking at her without taking his eyes off them or turning his head In that scene, the girl appeared very shy and showed a friendly smile. The video quickly attracted the attention of netizens, and they showed interest in the love. That situation. They even joked that this was their destiny, only one look collided, but their hearts fluttered. Many people praised the girl for her beauty.

They are curious about the subsequent development of the couple. Will the guy actively make a stick and create a relationship with the girl or not? Love at first sight, is that you were attracted to them at first sight, and the emotion from attraction to liking and falling in love is only close enough to make you feel lost.I can’t tell when I fell in love with them. That lightning love is a mellow but extremely wild feeling filling the heart.