In life, there are many good things mixed with bad luck. And no one can avoid those things; what we need to do is calm down and deal with them.
Face everything. The video uploads an image of the guy watching and describing his reaction to unexpected situations. The first is a video about her movement.
The staff member was doing a high jump, but she accidentally slipped and fell when she got up. fortunately, someone came to help her in time, so it was okay; after
watching the video, the guy was also very panicky and worried about such a situation. But fortunately, the girl is OK.

Next is the video of the image on the bus and The boy was about to get off the car when a woman pulled him back, making him curious; it turned out that a car on the wrong side had just passed by. And the girl held him back to keep him safe because it was dangerous to get out of the car at that time, and an accident could happen. He was once again stunned by the situation.

And the final video of the image.A guy practicing flipping was unfortunate because of an accident; at that moment, a coach helped him in time, so he was lucky to escape. After watching that video,the guy was distraught but finally put on a happy smile because, fortunately, everyone was healthy and okay before those troubles.

Adversity always comes unexpectedly; we can hardly avoid it; these are uncertainties that we must face. You might get hurt, even
in excruciating pain, but you still must live and bravely face reality. Pain and sadness are inevitable part of life; it helps us stay strong and
more mature.