The guy in this video is the one who caused a lot of controversy among netizens, he stepped out of the pool and then stepped into the pool, but it is worth mentioning that the pool was frozen and this made him relax.

People. Everybody. for fear of breaking. ice and get wet. When he feels the solid surface, he walks harder and then he jumps on it. Many people worry that they will get cold while dancing.

In the simplest terms, freezing rain is rain that begins its life as snow or hail and warms slightly as it moves down to the Earth’s surface. If snow or hail hits a layer of air that is above 0°C (32°F) at any time before reaching the surface, a slight increase in ground temperature will melt the ice into an extremely cold liquid, also known as “super cold” drops.

The drop then freezes almost immediately when it lands on a cold surface. He seemed so happy and excited to be here, he danced and sang along to it.

Some people argue that it goes without saying that where he wants to play is their preference and that this has nothing to do with that, but others argue why he dances on such an ice rink and many people think why he has to wear a mask.

The controversial video caused a stir among netizens. Some comments expressed:

“That Last Dance”

“Adorable. It’s called ice”