A touching video of a blind cat meowing loudly to get the attention of her feline friend for cuddling has been posted on Reddit.
For cute little dogs or cats who are blind or deaf, life can be quite a challenge. In situations like these, it would be worrisome if these furry babies would find friends who would take care of them and be with them. This video posted on Reddit shows how a blind cat found the cutest friend ever. Chances are this cat video will make you say ‘aww’, and that too, over and over again.

The opening video shows a framed cat playing with some toys in the middle of a rather large room. Within seconds, the cat decides it’s done playing and needs to cuddle a friend as soon as possible. Then it turned around a bit and started meowing quite loudly to get the attention of its feline friend. It continued to meow for a while and turned to that part of the room, instinctively, where its friend would soon be.

Within seconds of this short cat video, one can see how its friend, a burgundy, furry cat, also arrives in this room. The cat can sense that its friend is finally here and takes a short walk towards it and greets it with a few head bumps. The duo can then be seen playfully cuddling each other and playing together in the most feline way possible. The video of the cat was uploaded to Reddit with the caption: “Blind cat calls friends and someone always comes to the rescue”.
This cat video was posted on a subReddit called r/ Damthatsinteresting over XX hours ago and has received almost YY votes. It has also received various comments from cat lovers.

“I wonder if other people know she is blind. A friend previously had a cat who was deaf. He is a talkative person and you can scare him very easily. My friend will stomp around a bit when he gets home until his little buddy shows up,” one Redditor commented. “It’s the healthiest thing I’ve seen all day,” another posted. A third commented: “They must be great friends. “

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>>>Link video :https://www.facebook.com/117818947825823