Letting your baby sleep separately from an early age helps babies have quality sleep, develop well and practice independence. Currently, on the market, there are types of beds for children with parents.

You don’t need a separate bedroom for your baby anymore. Beds have all sizes suitable for each age, compact and safe for babies.
When children are young, parents often let them sleep with them. However, during deep sleep, adults can accidentally press on the baby. Therefore, you need a cot next to the parent’s large bed for the baby.

The cot bed for the baby with the parents is a small sized bed. It is designed on 2 or 3 sides with high walls, the rest has no walls to pair with the parents’ bed.
Or some types are designed with 1 side that can be flexibly disassembled. When not paired with a large bed, it becomes a crib, safe for babies to play in.
Designed specifically for babies, cot beds ensure quality sleep and comprehensive development. Besides, it also brings many advantages that many parents love.

The biggest worry of parents is that children often do not lie still when sleeping. Because of that, the baby can fall out of bed while fast asleep. If the baby is lying in the same bed, the parents have less space and can press on the baby while sleeping.
A shared bed next to the parents’ bed will be extremely convenient and can solve these problems.
Manufacturers, when making baby beds, install a high bed. It is very safe for children. Even if the baby rolls around in a deep sleep, he still won’t fall out of bed.
You don’t have to stay up to look after your baby and let them form their own, independent sleeping habits from a young age.

For convenience when using, installing as well as transporting, the baby bed with parents is often designed to be easily disassembled. You can change the shape as you use it, for example, from a small bed to a crib.
Usually, people will design the parts of this bed to be disassembled, the joints. The purpose is to change the size and height to fit the large bed of parents. So you don’t have to worry about the bed being lower or higher than your parents’ bed.