The clip shows a boy playing on a slide. The form of playing this game is that the two hands grasp the stick with the guidance of the girl. After grasping it, she pressed the remote control with the machine. Pick up the boy.

He gripped it tightly and as a result got to the top of the bridge then the machine stopped he let go of his hands and slid down looking happy. In the past, it was called the slide of death and there is no bar to pull you up, you sit on the top and pray that you don’t break a limb on the way down. I used to jump off a slide like this in the funny house. Blackpool Pleasure Beach… no payment on that day.

I remember getting a huge friction burn on my leg from that slide. The kids of today will never know we were
How much fun it is when the kids don’t have phones, tablets, game consoles, Internet. Injury is possible if the leg/leg hits the side wall. and here are some notes when. Let your children play the slide that mothers need to pay attention to

When playing the slide, you must firmly hold your hands on both sides of the slide, climb each step to the roof of the slide. Don’t push or jostle you forward lest he fall.

When you get to the roof, don’t push or jostle you. You have to wait for the sequence to come to you before you can slide down. Sit low and slide to the ground to be safe.

When playing on the slide, you should put all your baby’s small items in the clothes pocket, do not hold anything in your hand.

Do not play, climb up from the side of the skateboard, if you slide from above, you will hit the baby. Also, don’t turn your back on the ground, slide from the top down, so you will fall over, prone to injury
very dear.

The above four notes help mothers to consider when taking their children to play on the slide, to avoid the case that weak children are not strong enough to go to the top of the bridge and let go of the middle of the bridge, they will easily fall.
forward and cause a serious accident.