Imagine when the characters in cartoons and games turn into zombies, what happens? Artist Andre de Feriras created the series Minions, the blue fish in the cartoon Fiding Nemo,..they become lively and scary zombies.

Many of us must be very familiar with images of characters in disney animation that are both cute and funny. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if these cartoon characters with scary faces were no longer cute?

To find the answer, the American artist asked for the help of artificial intelligence to turn paintings of Disney cartoon characters into zombies with scary looks.
First, the artist uses a portrait of the Disney cartoon character, and then through the editing app,
Then use artificial intelligence software to combine these two images together, then continue to use Photoshop graphics software to edit the resulting image and then through the editing app, overlaid with new features that hide the old ones, making the photo look more realistic and complete.

Finally, we get the portraits of Disney’s cartoon characters in another scary version, like the ones below.
Just like the gentle Minions, now wearing a face can only be haunted with a broad smile to the ears

The gentle and foolish Dory blue fish now wore a savage smiley face, with lifeless eyes, which in a sense also made others feel helpless.

Surely the followers of Disney will not be too estranged from the image of these two highly destructive mice, although that’s funny, but through the painter’s brushstrokes, they have become obsessions named after death 😀

After watching the video, many artists were very interested in this cool drawing software, and wondered what the name of the magic software was.

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