The video below captures a cartoon scene that makes viewers extremely excited. A god of death is patrolling and doing his job. He walks Enter the room where two men are drunk and lying on the table under the chair, then take notes, take a leftover bottle, and open it to drink.

When walking out of the room drunk and drunk, he got into his car, fastened his seat belt, looked in the mirror, and ate his gum like an average person. He sped away and was unlucky. It collided with a police car. The video quickly received netizens’ attention; it was a funny and famous cartoon about the god of death. He represents a tragic death but is portrayed as a very close and humorous character.

A cartoon or cartoon is a form of use of the optical illusion of motion caused by many continuously projected still images. In the film and the staging industry, animation refers to the technique in which each movie frame is manipulated individually. One can use a calculator to capture each drawn, colored image or grab the tiny movements of the models that make up these images. The images are then reproduced.

TakenThey were taken with a specialized cartoon camera. When all the images are stitched together, creating a movie, and projected onto the screen, they cause the illusion that the movements are continuously moving. This illusion is caused by a phenomenon called retention. It takes a lot of money to make movies like this and much effort and persistence in tedious tasks. Now, thanks to developments in computer animation, the speed of film production has increased dramatically increased.