The video below captures images on a road and there is a police car there, suddenly a girl rushes to throw her bag aside and start rioting. She hit the car hard and the male police officer in the car remained calm and did not react, he pointed at the control button and directed at the police dog.

It looks like he doesn’t want to deal with the girl but wants to use the dog to handle her. The dog is kept in a sturdy iron cage and seems to be a warrior Very brave. The short video is confusing, making netizens more and more concerned and attentive.

They don’t understand why the girl is acting so outrageously, why That policeman is indifferent to their actions, they hope there will be an explanation video for this incident so they can solve their questions.

Some people shared:
“Can someone explain what ‘she hit him’ means if that’s what he really said?”
“Send a dog to a small unarmed woman? Oh my god”
“Let her play with sweet little Maligator!”
“Glad she’s white, nothing will happen.”