The video shows a police convoy going on its mission, then a man walks up to the front of the police convoy, apparently to return his helmet. Or say something, but he was suddenly ignored by them and pushed down the street. Even though he lay motionless, they continued missing him; there was a male policeman.

The policeman who tried to help him wake up was also prevented by his teammates. Residents condemned gay criticism when they saw this video—careless and irresponsible action of the police team—making it unacceptable to viewers. They are the ones in power and stand in a position to protect and reclaim the rights of the people, but in this video, they do harm and are indifferent to them.

They are losing the beautiful image their predecessors kept and building trust and love in each person. Many people benefit today using their power to oppress and bully others, not respecting anyone, so the video should be reported to handle the behavior of these policemen and eliminate that problem in society.

Some netizens shared:
“Lmfao, this was in my shitty city, Rough Buff NY; the guy was there to antagonize police and is a know Antifa clown that pushes his limits so he can film himself getting roughed up by police, this wasn’t his first encounter with them, and he wasn’t “just trying to give a helmet back” the video is edited and shortened this clip, and captioning is fake news lol. Also, they were running them riot police down in the street like roadkill that night with their cars soooo…”
“This was a long time ago, and if you do your research, he was not delivering back a helmet, and he was the main instigator and an ass. He had it coming.”