In the past few days, a video has been posted on social media of a boy sitting on a bicycle when suddenly a policeman ran to pull him down and forced him to sit

on the road and tie his hands.

The boy still didn’t understand what was happening to him when the officer quietly pulled him out of the car and handcuffed him. The initial action of the police officer surprised viewers, there were 2 opinions about this action.

Someone said it was not his fault that he did what he did, but this kid must have done something wrong, so someone reported it to the police. my duty .

Some other opinions say that he is abusing his power to impose on others if he is not satisfied. Some hotly debated opinions:

“The police can’t tell someone to leave if they’re with that person… He just doesn’t want to film because he knows he’s wrong!”

“The cop is a thug. Find something better to do”

“This is a very sad and terrible cop ‍♂️ Abuse of the power of the law and overpowered by power,”

“The damn cops are just proving they don’t know the law. Now the police are trying to bully another civilian. What a horrible thing.”

The controversial video suggested that the police officer was abusing his position and this also made netizens extremely surprised.