The video above captures the scene on the road where the police officers arrest a man. Then a male police officer beat the other arrested person and a policeman.
Another quickly disbursed and scolded him for his actions; he even grabbed his collar and warned him something. Next to the video is a picture of a man’s analysis of that incident.

The footage ended up causing a stir among netizens, and they harshly condemned the police officer’s rude actions, and he should not have acted. Such emotional action. He served no different from the other arrested. Fortunately, the other policeman prevented his anger and wrongdoing.

Murderers have the right to suspend and detain others when they commit crimes but do not have the right to beat and touch them like that without permission. For each person. Some netizens said:
“Why does the person recording sound like Riley from the Boondocks???”
“He’s not a cop. He’s a security guard!!! Watch the full video on the news in Chicago!!!”

“If it were always like that, we would not have problems.”
“I would’ve loved to watch the whole video. I hate you had to add your 2 cents!! You should’ve let us watch the whole thing!! Niggaz is always doing too much.”