The video below captures images of the army and their daily lives. A friend is recording another male official holding a gun and singing. Humming and fishing during recess. The images associated with them are military uniforms, guns, tanks, etc. In addition to the rigorous study and training hours, they also have moments of respite to live with their true self; they are also funny, loving life, and friendly, not just a strict, stoic image.

That law. They practice hard day and night, silently sacrificing to protect the country’s peace. A very sacred and noble job. Those are very elite and respected people. If they choose carefully to overcome the challenge and become a professional soldier, they must be a person who loves the country and peace very much.
Do like that.

An army is an organized group of armed people trained by the state for use in offensive or defensive warfare. This is the nest of a concentrated, permanent, and professional armed organization built by a state or a political movement to gain power, liberate the country, and defend the territory, area, or fatherland by armed struggle (war, civil war, skirmish…) or wage war or armed battle. Political purposes of the state or of that political movement.