Recently, an action of a policeman has attracted a lot of attention and caused a stir in the online community recently.In the video, a policeman, when he saw something unusual in the car, took the necklace he wore around his neck and kissed it.

Lots of heroes. Show your work where and when this happened and with what result because this is not a story I hear. I’ve heard of standing around hiding behind ballistic shields while the killings go on. Instead of making a video about a hero, do your job and let others call you a hero.
It’s so easy to make videos that show how brave you are, until you’ve really been tested, when the hoops go through your head, you won’t even know.

So much hate the police but they put their lives on it every day. Best regards to all of you
A friend of mine served at OPP in the north, Wawa area. At that point, under ideal circumstances, his backup had 45 minutes left.
I answered an OPP support call in north London Ontario. An officer chased a vehicle for several miles. When they finally stopped, there was an OPP against six extremely powerful, drunken criminals who decided to defeat the officer. Fortunately our response time is about a minute, the advantage of a large metropolitan section.

The changeover was finally over and the offenders were handcuffed and loaded into vehicles for transport to our cell as we heard sirens rapidly approaching. An OPP cruiser passed the crest of the great Airborne hill for a second or two before landing and sliding to a stop near us. The smoke coming from the engine and officer was very pale and shaking. He was the first reserve officer and was present at Grand Bend when the call for assistance was first broadcast by the officer in London.
I have great respect for the provincial police.
The loss of any cadre is a loss for all of society. May you rest in peace, you deserve it.