Bungee jumping is one of the most popular adventure games. Players often stand in elevated positions, on towers or in helicopters, fasten their seat belts, and then jump into the ground or water. The string is elastic and is calculated to be the right length to pull the player back when close to the ground.

This 83-year-old man from France broke the previous world record for the first time to put his name on the Guinness list with a remarkable record. To collect enough leaderboards to carry out his or her remarkable challenges
He said, “I feel great, very happy. I’m grateful my teammates have been around for the last 24 hours. They gave me great energy, kept me active until the very last minute. “

He shared bungee training as a way to overcome his own fear of growing tall from a young age. From an early age, this man was very afraid of heights, until he was 83 years old, he dared to stand on this height and play the most risky game.
But not all young people dare to do it, let alone an old man who is 83 years old. Maybe osteoarthritis isn’t as sure as it used to be, but bravery isn’t sure anyone else has.

Better to do it than to fail than not to do it. In this record setting,he jumped up and down the 39 meters, while the weather was quite favorable, making him perform quite smoothly.

“I think the hardest time is jumping when it’s raining, when it’s cold. But I was lucky to get through it all, “he said.

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