A 3-year-old child was left by his parents in the house alone with the putbull for a long time, then when the neighbor found out, he called the police so they could come to her rescue.
According to the video, she and the dog were locked in the house for about 12-15 hours, after these policemen came to pick her up from the stairs, she was safe.
Significantly, there was only one girl in the house and a pit bull dog, but one of the two policemen was quite reserved and could use a gun just because he was afraid the dog would attack them.

After they picked her up safely, they left the dog in the house, and left.
Oh for crying out loud people. This was a toddler left alone. They didn’t want to shoot the dog they just needed to get her safely out of there and they didn’tknow this dog.
They even shut the door so the dog is safe inside. I’ve seen the full clip. Yes he had his hand on his firearm just in case because their main concern WAS THE CHILD not an animal. Let’s be mad at the parents here not the cops. Some of you have a twisted sense of reality and morals.

But some others say :
Even if the dog did react it would only be doing it’s job to protect the home and the child from strangers. It’s okay that people are concerned about the pup.
Imagine if these were bad people and the dog had the same reaction. Everyone would be posting that the dog is useless and not doing it’s job… 🤦‍♀️
Dog wagging its tail throughout the video. Looked calm and friendly. It’s shit videos like this that make people scared of certain breeds. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

It could have changed in a solid second if the dog thought she was threatened at all. Not because of the breed just because of wanting to protect her.
All stafford and pitbull are completely unreliable, even the best behaving ones. Unfortunately.The biggest problem: once they start biting, they go for the total carnage.Too many accidents happen with it, compare to other dog breeds

Others also commented :
So ready to use a gun! A case case of guns solve everything, forget other skills! Dogs can be handled by animal rescue. Common police are incompetent when it comes to animals, in many cases.
Yes, and a peadophile would have used the same tactic to entice the little girl. She was much safer with her dog, not knowing the circumstances of this particular case. I am ot impressed.
“See nothing wrong with how they handled that situation. Dogs are not human animals… Yes he looked happy and was wagging his tail. But he could of instantly tuned when they picked her up. My dog will wag her tail at a stranger but is very protective over my kids. If she feels like they are being threatened in any way she will flip and attack.”