In the clip, we see a box that has not been burned, known to be the mother of a baby sitting on the legs of a girl. The cause of the death of the child’s mother
It was she who had a serious accident that led to her death: That death was also because the truck driving did not pay attention to sleep and increased speed, leading to crashing into the mother of the young baby.

She herself was also precarious because she became a mother too early, but the baby’s father refused to accept it as his child, so she rented a house with her daughter. She went to work, the baby she gave away. Studying at a kindergarten because she went to work to have money to support her child, she had an accident, leaving her innocent child. The person holding the baby is my teacher, she will take the baby to SOS Children’s Village for them to take care of
The baby is really good to replace her mother, I just hope that the baby is good, lacks the love of her parents from a young age, so she will suffer a lot compared to other children of the same age. Pitiful.

I hope that the SOS kindergarten teacher who adopts her sees the baby as her own grandchild. Through this story, I hope that today’s young people don’t lose it too impulsively
Go to your beautiful youth. Youth is always challenging to find a companion who truly loves them, always ready to be there when they need it most. AND also consider drivers that be very careful: human life comes first. Because of a little carelessness that lost a human life.