The clip shows a 15-year-old child in full language arguing with a group of police officers. Teenagers talk to the police. What could happen? Nose, nose, too special boy!! It’s about to grow up to be a specific Youth law-abiding citizen under “50cc” along with the word “permit” and the flimsy green road gang that leaves.

Teach kids to believe the police are above them, what can happen Another video of police abusing their power. To serve, and to protect, not to attack. . . . See what effect does the power have?. another video of a spoiled kid who thinks he can do what he wants The kids are a jerk, the police just do their job there, but they really need to send so many ridiculous cops Legal vehicle on the road.

Under 50cc. Notice how the policeman left after the young man said so? Your house I think it’s your parents not your car and your 15 and you are not allowed on the street Definitely teach the kids to do this and then down the street they will be arrested! What do you teach children to do? From this video, he wrote every sentence for the police seamlessly.

He is honest and knows the law regarding this situation. Cops should have learned that it’s wrong to want to spank a 15-year-old. So, who needs to be taught? Therefore, 15-year-old children have the right to voice their rights and obligations.