Why are parents like this???? You don’t even know how badly this affects the kids. Be a good example and put your ugly feelings aside! Another prime example of parents using their child as a pawn. Grow up and be a parent or don’t let your drama out of social media. Why be ashamed of the father… get this. That’s right, poor child. But 1. Look at the night sky. Children should sleep in bed.

So the time frame should have exchanged daylight. 2.30 kg Ex-lover cannot take equipment that does not belong to the ex-lover for transportation. The two sides must have their own equipment to exchange, so it doesn’t happen. 3.6 kg Police cannot tell the car seat owner that the mother of the child can sit in the car seat with the child in it. please tell me what you mean. By family law. Both parties must have their own equipment. If a party doesn’t have it. Or a child whose father can take him to his mother’s house.

Or the father can refuse to trade until the young mother has her own device. Working both ways for family law is for… well done dad… Take the baby and take a cab home, get your own car seat and come back. Don’t leave the baby with those people. Car seat, it’s disgusting to turn a child into a weapon and let someone other than the mother say so in front of the child. The rule is that both parties have their own equipment. The baby seat belongs to the father, so she should own her own. What will she do when she says the baby is out of the baby seat.

Most parents who have 2 cars also have 2 seats. If everyone has a car seat, she can’t take it from him. It was as much of his child as hers. So if he goes out and spends hundreds of dollars on a car seat, he doesn’t have to share the damn thing with her. It was his car seat, not hers. It was the bastards’ last attempt to control and become victorious. This is why Ben becomes gay, they get tired of controlling women.