Currently, racing is a trend among young people, they consider it a game for entertainment and betting. The video recorded a car race between Lambo and car.1300rr at a speed of 285km/h, a group of young people and children stood to see who would win.

The video ends in disappointment, leaving many people frustrated and do not understand the problem still occurs. Many viewers over and over again don’t understand what’s wrong with the video and get angry at antics like this. Many people expressed interest in the race and hoped for a happy ending.

Those who know the game will immediately recognize this as a hoax. It was impossible to race at such a fast pace on such a winding road. Controversy broke out and the video became the focus of many discussions. Fortunately, this is a joke and not the truth; I don’t know how the accident will happen, and how terrible the consequences will be.

other people also funny comments

“I saw I saw – he’s on the way to planet Pluto!! Should reach anytime now!!”

“What a great video to make people stupid

“Wow super fast no wonder even the camera can’t see”

“I can even see a figther plane flying more than 1000kph in the sky and this is only 300 kph . Are you serious?”