The video was posted on social media and attracted the interest of a lot of people in traffic.
Today traffic safety is still a major problem of countries’ sense of participation in people’s traffic, and when accidents occur not only affects themselves but also people on the road.
The video captures images on a road and there have been signs of an accident, but it’s not possible to obstruct the high-speed drivers that cause accidents that scare people away.

Accidents not only affect people both physically and mentally, but also cause severe damage to our own vehicles.
The driver should see the vehicle speeding towards the intersection and assume that it will not stop and should slow down.
On highways and at canyoning speed, it is very easy to cause accidents, so safety for yourself is very important in life and in traffic.
When crossing roads under construction, we should slow down and not go at such a pace that we must slow down and consider to avoid causing unnecessary accidents to everyone.

I personally don’t expect any cars to stop at a crossroads or anything else because I guess most drivers are idiots and don’t care.
The traffic culture of both activities will be raised along with traffic accidents and traffic congestion will be reduced if the traffic culture of each person is raised.

For that alone, the wrongdoing, the chaos in the street will be condemned and overcome by the community to the maximum extent.
Enhanced transportation culture means creating a safe, compassionate, friendly transportation environment for people and for people.