For those who are afraid of spiders, the name Tarantula is definitely a nightmare. Not poisonous, but possessing the appearance of a real monster: big, frizzy, hairy. On top of that, it’s the largest spider in the world in terms of weight.

It’s the egg wrap of a Tarantula, inside which the spider crawls out — up to a thousand.
The above image was cut from a video recorded by Marita Lorbiecke, an enthusiast of strange creatures, in a spider center. She pulled out the spider’s egg wrap, she cut off the outer shell, and a colony of spiders of thousands was born.

Lorbiecke possesses a special passion for the Tarantula spider. Her YouTube channel is also called ‘Deadly Tarantula Girl’ – enough to see how much she likes spiders. In his spare time, Lorbiecke frequented J&M Exotics, the bizarre animal conservation and feeding center in South Carolina. This is where you shot the giant Tarantula egg wrap.

Initially, the video looked a bit ruthless as it pulled the egg wrap away from the mother spider. But when thousands of spiders were born, all fears seemed to be gone.
“This is a Brazilian red and white tarantula. She was born in 2013, named Misty, and is now five years old.” – said Lorbiecke.

“I’ve been taking care of this spider line since the 1990s, I’ve seen many successful egg hatchings, but I’ve never seen an egg wrap this big.”

“This hatching is amazing. I can’t believe the results anymore.”
A successful birth, mother round, baby square. Everyone is happy, except for those who are afraid of spiders.

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