Ricky Hand, 46, hid bottles filled with his own feces in a wristband while awaiting sentencing for numerous crimes.
Hand faces 30 counts of breaking into, breaking a safe, aggravated robbery, kidnapping and attempting to break the safe. He pleaded guilty to seven charges in Ohio, USA, earlier this month.

At Wednesday’s sentencing hearing, he reacted with fury after being told he would spend most of the rest of his life in prison.

He shouted at the judge: “Did you just give me 40 years, sir? You just gave me 40 years… guess what.”
He then proceeded to pull out the hidden poop and throw it, hitting his defense lawyer before being dealt with by deputies in the courtroom.
Hand then told the officers that he hid more bottles of alcohol in his person.

The sergeant in charge of court deputies stated that it was illegal to pat defendants as they were brought to court from their cells at the Clark County Jail, but that could change. after this strange incident.

Hand now faces five additional charges of physical harassment – one against his lawyer and four deputies – as well as charges of obstruction of official business and retaliation.

The criminal, who has previously served time in prison, will again appear in Clark County Municipal Court on Thursday to face new charges.

Sheriff Gene Kelly said Hand will be searched before being allowed to appear before a judge again.

An investigation has also been conducted into the incident.