A poor cat suddenly suffers from a strange symptom that has never been seen before, his nose suddenly becomes abnormally large and shows signs of pain, difficulty breathing. At first, his owner thought it was just a normal injury, but when they brought it to the hospital, they discovered a horrifying truth.
After examining the cat, veterinarian Elizabeth Farrington immediately asked the family to agree to perform a minor nose surgery for the cat. From the swollen nose, the doctor pulled out a larva the size of a snail, surprising everyone.

It is known that this is a parasite called Cuterebra – a larva that specializes in parasites on dogs and cats. While cats and dogs roam outdoors, the eggs of this type of larvae will cling to their fur, the body heat of cats and dogs will cause the eggs to hatch into larvae.

When cats and dogs lick their fur, they inadvertently lick and swallow the larvae into the body, and these larvae will enter the pet’s nasal cavity or skin. The larvae can also enter the body through open wounds.

The Nebraska Humane Society has warned pet owners to pay close attention to their pet’s health so that the disease can be detected early and treated promptly. The organization also recommends that pet owners should not pull the parasites out of their pets themselves, but must bring infected pets to the doctor, they also emphasize absolutely not to squeeze the larvae with their hands because it can cause the larvae to die. rupture causes infection.

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