The video captures the image of a cyclist and is highly controversial and opinionable of those who watch the video.
Someone doesn’t have to be chased to get adrenaline pumping. Being scared will do the same. Going a speed he’s not comfortable with or being afraid of falling.
No bodies chasing you bro. Get off the meth. You tweaking. Go drink some water.No you weren’t. Theres this thing called a radio. It travels faster than you can imagine.

see everyone wants to say this but me and my buddies have all done the dash plenty of times as long as your good with critical thinking you gon be fine 😂😭
more than likely, they let you go, hoping you’ll crash and die; or maybe get shot by some other criminal. How’s that for critical thinking, being that you probably live in a city controlled by democrats, that only has catch and release? Why would they put the effort, when you’ll fix their problem for them?
I’ve run from cops. I’ve lost them in neighborhoods very similar to this one. They allways find you. Maybe not right then but they always find you.

Typical scooter that I see buzzing around all over town, some electric, some gas conversions, & they are hardly fast, lol
Im assuming a black male around 18-20 years old. 5’6″ on a SurRon. The bike is very out of the ordinary and obvious. Based on the video, the bike is black with orange high lights and the driver has a helmet orange, traving at a high rate iradicly and being very suspicious. Boy is doing everything he can to get caught.
But then again, like someone elce pointed out, cops don’t drive a 1984 crown any more. Maybe the Blues Brothers are chasing him.

That’s not a cop car. They don’t drive crown vics anymore. Good try though. Plus it had no markings that I could see.
Oh yeah, they’re the dumbasses. Just keep using the N word while endangering others, especially children. I hope you end up face down with a very amorous (you’ll need to look that word up) cellmate. LMFAO at you little boy. 🤣😅😂