Have you seen the kiss scene in Cajundome and other sports venues? It’s a portable camera that highlights couples sitting in a crowd. Once in the spotlight, the pair were supposed to kiss in front of the camera for everyone to see on the big screen. It’s just a fun way to break the cycle of sadness during a timeout

.Most of the time kissing oranges is innocent pleasure. It’s really uncomfortable sometimes, especially if you happen to be playing games with your sister. Here’s another way cam kissing can go wrong.
The guy in this video sees that he and his girl are kissing. He grimaced and gave her a smile. She insulted his “fresh” behavior and promptly slapped him. She then proceeded to pour popcorn and soft drinks over his head. Just when you thought this poor guy would be in for the rather lengthy rest of the game, redemption comes from an unlikely place.

I guess all this was set up ahead of time, it seems staged. Why was the video shot from several seats? Regardless it’s funny and I’m sure things like this happen more often than not in the world of engagement.