Each of the 200 photos at a recent exhibition by Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle features two strangers, but identical.
“Twins are often identical” is what people often think. However, in fact, only identical twins are similar in appearance and part of personality. Fraternal twins do not.
Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle has been specializing in portrait photography since 1968. One day 12 years ago, he discovered two unrelated people who were still identical in appearance.

This accidental discovery made Francois Brunelle especially interested, he asked himself: Is this case unique or there are many other such cases in the world. Thinking is doing, Francois Brunelle has implemented a plan called “I’m not a look-alike”. He initially photographed similar cases of people he knew. When the media heard about his idea, many people around the world joined in.

From the submitted photos, François selected the photos. After finding identical portraits, he would make video calls to the character to verify himself. The last step is that he invites the same characters to participate in filming and taking photos.
Brunelle’s photos are not edited or collaged, but completely from reality.

With unremitting efforts, the results of the search were beyond the expectations of this photographer, even he had to exclaim: “It turns out we still have people who look exactly like us in this world!”.