If you think that only humans like snow, looking forward to seeing snow once in their life or waiting for the first snows of the season, the dog in this story will surely surprise you because if he likes snow number 2 surely No one dares to be first. It was always sad when it had to say goodbye to its dear snow friends until next winter, surprising everyone.

The dog’s owner shared, since the day he became a member of the family, the white dog has always been “haunted” by snow. Every winter, the dog becomes extremely excited even spending many hours a day playing with the snow, making everyone in the family extremely surprised at the pet’s hobby.
The dog’s owner once told a local newspaper that in the winter, the boy spends 50% of the day playing in the snow without going inside. The boy’s passion is simply lying around surrounded by snowballs

“The boy’s body is soaked every time we take him in” is what the owner shared, and yet the young man is extremely hot in the spring because he just wants the winter to stay as long as possible. What a lovely dog that makes many people say that he loves snow more than people love their crush.
When the dog’s parents realize how much he loves snow, every winter they make a pile of snow on the porch. This way, even if the snow on the grass starts to melt, the dog can still play in the snow for a while longer.

When the weather started to warm up again, it was also the time when the dog was about to say goodbye to the snow, goodbye to the adventure he did not want, netizens were extremely excited at the moment when there was only a piece of snow left. The dog still refused to let go.
In addition, each dog’s paws can withstand any contact with cold surfaces, including ice, snow or ice, while we humans need to wear shoes or boots to avoid numbness. freezing in the middle of a cold winter. The circulatory system in the feet of dogs makes it easy for them to adapt and cope with the cold.